Refunds & Returns


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the product  for a refund within 30 days from the purchase date. The refund is subjected to the following terms.

1. All returns must be in good condition with no defective or showing any signs of use.
2. Product must be returned with full packaging intact.

Please ensure you attach the following info with your return packaging:

(a) Name
(b) Contact Number
(c) Email
(d) Item Purchase
(e) Date of Purchase
(f) Reasons for refund
(g) Attached with original receipt/sales order

PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE SENDING YOUR RETURN IF YOU NEED FURTHER ADVICE. Please note that product return under the following conditions will be REJECTED.

(i) Customer does not like the actual product due to color, size, appearance, or any other subtle differences from the image shown on the website. The product specs, functionality, size, etc has been clearly defined in the website.  
(ii) Product damage due to carelessness when handling the product (eg dropping on the floor, accidentally damage the item when unwrap the parcel, etc). All product has been fully inspected and confirmed in good working condition before shipping out.

(iii) Any other subjective reasons which is not acceptable.
You may find our contact details at the "Contact Us" page. We will process upon receiving your return and issued refund within 14 working days. You will be notified and informed accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, kindly contact us and we are more than happy to assist.

011-20579251 call/whataps 

Ms. Mira